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The Birth of Baby Milly

May 26th will definitely go down as a favorite day of mine in 2015.  It was the day that my friend, Nancy, gave birth to her sweet baby girl.  I was so blessed and honored to have been there to document these moments of her labor and delivery.  Let me tell you…this woman was beyond amazing as she achieved the medication-free birth that she was hoping to have.  And her husband, Will, was a rock for her.  There is literally nothing he could have done differently to be a better coach for Nancy than he was.

If you are a birth story junkie like I am, you would be remiss to not read Nancy’s birth story on her blog.  Part One can be found HERE and Part Two can be found HERE.

Lastly, you simply must watch the short video at the end of this post.  Will and Nancy didn’t know if they were to have a boy or a girl until the birth day. The moment that Will tearfully announces “it’s a girl”…well, I’m just a puddle of tears every time I watch it.
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Baby Callahan – Birth Day

Meet Callahan (“Cal”) Ryan Hutchins.

Photographing his delivery for my friends Katrina and Hutch was an honor and an experience that I’ll never forget.  Katrina was so amazing.  Truly, she was.  Up until the point of pushing, it seemed like this would be a textbook, easy delivery.  Through many, many hours of exhausting on and off pushing, she never once got frustrated or grew hopeless.  Such grace through it all.  At one point her epidural stopped working, which left her in a lot of pain.  She handled it so well…took every contraction one at a time and breathed through them so beautifully.

The moment he finally came out was the most precious of moments.  Seeing the tears fall from both Katrina and Hutch as they looked on at their son was so special to witness.  It was actually a struggle to keep shooting through my own tears.  These two are going to be such incredible parents to Cal.

Here are a few of my favorite images from Katrina’s labor and post-delivery, as well as a short video of the day below.

Note: all images and video posted with Katrina and Hutch’s consent.  :)

CallahanBirthDay_0002 CallahanBirthDay_0003 CallahanBirthDay_0004 CallahanBirthDay_0005 CallahanBirthDay_0006 CallahanBirthDay_0007


A Very Sweet Reveal

I jokingly wrote this on an instagram post, but seriously…how fun would it be to specialize in gender reveal photography? !  :)

Last week our friends, Katrina (event planner of Come+Together) and Hutch, found out the gender of their first baby…and I was there to photograph/video the reveal!  Truly, this was SO fun to watch them cut into their amazing “bun in the oven” cake by Wow Factor Cakes to find out if they were having a little boy or a little girl.

They both guessed girl.  See the video below to see if they were right.  :)



I just loved that.  :)  Congratulations, Katrina and Hutch!

Baby Vivianne


Well, I was 100% WRONG in my gender prediction for Emily and Justin’s sweet baby.  Baby Vivianne is, in fact, a sweet baby girl.  And what a total doll she is!  (See E + J’s maternity session HERE).
It is such a delight to see our past wedding couples become parents and to witness them caring for their new baby.  Emily and Justin were so great with Vivianne….photographing this precious family of three more than made my day.  :)
Most Beautiful Darling


Perhaps you remember Jenn and Brad’s first born, Dyce Danger Davis? Of course, this little girl had to have a name that could compete with big brother.  Her name: Decker Darling Davis.  Amazing.  :)
Ohhhh, this family.  They rank among my favorites.  For sure.  And that Dyce….he is a CRACK up.  Such a funny kid.  
Photographing baby #2 for the Davis family was such a joy.  Two small details that we incorporated into the shoot that I thought were really neat: 1) Jenn wanted to use her wedding dress to lie Decker on top of…LOVE.  2) The same designer (Lo Boheme) that created Jenn’s amazing headpiece for her wedding also made Decker’s headband seen below.  :)
Congratulations, you guys.  Lots of love.