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A Very Sweet Reveal

I jokingly wrote this on an instagram post, but seriously…how fun would it be to specialize in gender reveal photography? !  :)

Last week our friends, Katrina (event planner of Come+Together) and Hutch, found out the gender of their first baby…and I was there to photograph/video the reveal!  Truly, this was SO fun to watch them cut into their amazing “bun in the oven” cake by Wow Factor Cakes to find out if they were having a little boy or a little girl.

They both guessed girl.  See the video below to see if they were right.  :)



I just loved that.  :)  Congratulations, Katrina and Hutch!

Lindy and Jason – Charlotte Engagement Session

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0001Yesterday I received a small package in the mail.  It was from Savannah.  And really, it didn’t even matter what was in it…it was from Savannah, so I was pumped.  See, I love ALL things about Savannah.  So of course, I figured the contents of the package had to be good.  :)

I was not disappointed.  This package was from Lindy and Jason.  They sent us…..Gallery Brownies (AKA the best brownies in the free world).  I may have shrieked when the ziploc brownie baggie slid into my hands.  SHRIEKED.

I mean….could they be any more thoughtful?  I’m not at all surprised by this gesture, as Lindy is always sending me encouraging and thoughtful text messages.  Text messages that always brighten my day.

Thank goodness it is almost wedding time for these two…because I don’t want to have to wait any longer!  Geoff and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their Savannah wedding next month.

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0002 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0003 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0004

Prior to the shoot, Lindy told me they were up for anything.  In a last minute decision, I had both Lindy and Jason separately send us an email listing their top ten reasons they love the other without telling the other person.  Geoff and I created these little books for them and had them read their reasons to the other person during the session.  :)

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0005 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0006 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0007 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0008


See you guys soon….very soon.  :)

The Schultzes 2014 Equipment Sale

One of our business goals this year is to simplify/upgrade our shooting equipment.  With that, I give you The Schultzes 2014 Equipment Sale!  :)  A few things to note:

1) Please inquire for shipping fees if you are unable to do a local pick-up.

2) Paypal fees are included in the listed prices.

Please let me know if there are any follow-up questions!


1.  5D Mark II (body only) – $1900

Description: This body has been our workhorse, which resulted in a lot of shutter actuations.  In January, we paid to have the shutter replaced at Canon.  To our delight, they also replaced the LCD screen.  The body is in great condition.

2.  50mm 1.2 lens – $1200 – SOLD

Description: In effort to slim down “what’s in our bag”, we are letting go of one of our 50mm 1.2 lenses.  We actually love this lens…always have, probably always will.  We originally bought it new from B&H in August 2009.  Last month we had it cleaned, checked and serviced at Canon.  We use it mostly for portraits and detail shots.

I took this shot last night in our front yard using 5D Mark II (for sale above) at the following settings:



ISO 125


Here is one more using the same set up, just different angle:



ISO 125

5012Test_13.  Sigma 50mm 2.8 Macro – $250 – SOLD

Description:  This is a great little macro lens.  After we purchased the Canon macro many years ago, this 50 began collecting dust in a box somewhere.  It’s time she goes to a new home.  She’s in great condition. We used to use this lens for many of our detail shots on wedding day…especially the rings.  :)

I took this shot in my front yard last night using the following settings (manual focus):



ISO 1600


4.  Canon 24mm 1.4 – $1500

Description: I think we made a semi-reckless decision with this purchase.  We bought this lens just this past September new from B&H.  While I appreciate the extra width it gives me when I need it, I find myself always preferring to use our 35mm.  We’re just not using it often enough to justify the price tag.  The lens is in near perfect condition.  It’s condition is very much “like new”.

Here are a couple of shots from a wedding we used it for this past July:



ISO 1250





ISO 1600


5.  580 EX II flashes – TWO for sale – $400 each – One SOLD

Description: These flashes have done us well for many years, but it is time to upgrade to the 600EX-RT.  They are both in great condition.  I believe we bought them new from B&H in 2009.

6.  Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack – $100

Description: This guy works great – we just don’t have a need for it.  We purchased it new from B&H many years ago (probably 2008), but it was used only a handful of times.


That’s it for now – thanks!





Welcome Avonlea

This past fall season, Geoff and I carved out some time together to ask ourselves some big picture, deep questions related to the existence of our business.  Beyond taking pretty pictures, what was our purpose?  How does that purpose play out practically?  After a lengthy conversation, we decided to construct a mission statement…words that would come to define the very heart of our business.  This simple activity has provided so much meaning and direction as we move forward as photographers and business owners.

The Schultzes exist to create art that matters and to genuinely care for people.

This past Tuesday afternoon, living out our mission statement was taken to another level.  I was so very blessed, honored and privileged to photograph the first few hours of the life of the most precious baby girl – Avonlea.  I think it’s safe to say that my photography has never mattered more than it did on that day.

Avonlea is a very special baby.  Around 6.5 months of pregnancy, Avonlea’s parents – Melissa and Brian Powell of Project Life Photography – were hit with the news.  Avonlea was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 13.  Trisomy 13 has been described as “not compatible with life”, so you can imagine the devastation Melissa and Brian have been facing for these past months.

Sweet Avonlea, however, is very much alive.  Thank you, God, for this baby.  We can rest knowing that her life – no matter how long or how short it may be – will be used in incredible ways and will touch many people.  I know that for me, I will forever be changed in knowing her.

Music: You Are Mine ft. Holley Maher

Artist: Spencer Combs

Licensed by: The Music Bed

March Goals

After two months of not blogging my goals, I am back on the train.  Here we go, March.  :)



1.  Enact a daily schedule for emailing times.  I know I’m not alone in feeling that email has taken over my life.  Setting specific times to tackle my inbox each day and then sticking to those times is a must.

2.  Sell off equipment.  Look for a blog post tomorrow with details.

3.  Taxes.  Bleh.  Need to gather all of our stuff to send to the CPA.  Bleh.

4.  Speak at Elevation Photography Team meeting.  

5.  New pricing guide.  Now that our new blogsite is launched, it’s time to make sure all of our collateral pieces are up to speed.  The pricing guide is priority.

6.  Mentor Sessions.  I have really enjoyed offering these sessions.  Last month I did three; this month I have another.  I have a couple of available dates left – details can be found here.

7.  Complete and send out vendor promotional kits.  This has been a big project – once it’s complete, I’ll share more here.



1.  Photograph Crew.  Baby girl deserves a few pictures of herself that are better than iPhone quality.

2.  Crash the Chatterbox.  My e-group through our church is going through this book over the next couple of months.  I’m really looking forward to “crashing the chatterbox” in my head.  Goodness knows, I need it.

3.  Date night.  We have a giftcard for Firebirds that we’ll use for dinner, but I want to do something else a little not typical (and something inexpensive!).  Any ideas?

4.  Spring bucketlist.  Geoff and I made a bucketlist this past Fall and really loved having an intentional plan for how we could make the most of our weekends with the kids.  Spring is nearly sprung and we are excited to make some new plans.

5.  Exercise.  Go to bootcamp/cardio funk at least once/week and go neighborhood walking with the fam at least once/week.

6.  Crew’s journal.  I have a journal that I write to Boone in occasionally to give to him when he is older.  It has prayers that I pray for him, life lessons that I’ve learned and a record of select memories as he grows.  I finally picked out a journal for Crew to begin the same thing.  The artwork isn’t exactly my taste, but I do really like the message, as it is one of my greatest prayers for her: Be Filled With Joy (journal seen below – I purchased it at Paper Source).


If you post your monthly goes, please feel free to share a link in the comments below – I’d love to see what you are up to this month.  :)