The first time I met Jen and Dan was at their consult….where I straight tripped down the stairs of Caribou Coffee (sadly, this is a regular occurrence for me).  And yet, they still hired us.  :)  I’m so glad because we really enjoyed working with and getting to know Jen and Dan.  
And of course, their wedding day – albeit August – was nothing short of a beautiful day…thanks in large part to wedding planner Heather Bryson with Carolina Wedding Design.  Just wait until you scroll down to see her design of the reception – it was pretty incredible.  My jaw dropped as much as Jen and Dan’s did when I saw it.  
Reception – Ballantyne Hotel
Planner – Heather and team with Carolina Wedding Design
Hair/makeup (bridesmaids) – Kymm and Mandi w/ Who’s the Fairest
Hair/makeup (bride) – Heather of The Look
JenDanWedding_0002.jpgJenDanWedding_0003.jpgJenDanWedding_0004.jpgJenDanWedding_0005.jpgJenDanWedding_0006.jpgJenDanWedding_0007.jpgJenDanWedding_0008.jpgJenDanWedding_0009.jpgJenDanWedding_0010.jpgJenDanWedding_0011.jpgJenDanWedding_0012.jpgJenDanWedding_0013.jpgJenDanWedding_0014.jpgJenDanWedding_0015.jpgJenDanWedding_0016.jpgI told you…it was incredible!
JenDanWedding_0017.jpgJenDanWedding_0018.jpgI LOVE this shot of Jen and Dan’s reaction to seeing the reception ballroom.  :)