Saying Goodbye to Severn

As I write this, we have been in our new home for two weeks now. And I love it. I really love it. I’m beyond grateful to be here and am expectant for the memories our family will make here together as our kids grow. However, if I’m being honest, it’s taken me a bit to get here. The day our offer on our new home was accepted was full of excitement. The day after, reality hit. Moving into a new home meant that we had to leave our old home. As I prepped our house to put on the market, all of the memories flooded my mind. Sweeping the steps of our front porch had me remembering the day that Boone left the house for pre-school for the first time and the way he waved back at me wearing his teeny tiny backpack, snack cup in hand and head full of blond curls. As I scrubbed the base boards in the hallway, I pictured Crew behind the baby gate learning to crawl and then her “dancing” on her knees with her hands in the air to the music of her pink elephant. Moving the stepping stones in the backyard to mow had me thinking of our Jazzy and how she used to prefer to step on them instead of the grass because she didn’t want to get her feet wet. A million little memories that were made in this home. A million little memories that I never want to forget.

OldHouseMemories_0002 OldHouseMemories_0003 OldHouseMemories_0004 OldHouseMemories_0005

This house was our fresh start as we came out of the hardest time that our marriage had seen. We brought home two babies to this house (it snowed the day we brought Crew home!) and took turns walking them around and around and around through the kitchen, the dining room and the living room at 3am when they were newborns. We cuddled sick kids on the couch, ate Cheesecake Factory on the front porch during summer thunderstorms and threw fallen leaves in the air in November.

OldHouseMemories_0006 OldHouseMemories_0007 OldHouseMemories_0008 OldHouseMemories_0009 OldHouseMemories_0010

We ran our business out of the lower level where we saw God bless us with His provision, protection and guidance as we learned how to thrive with multiple children, work and marriage. We saw each other through disappointments and celebrated successes together.

Sometimes we fought; sometimes we yelled, but we always forgave. One time, I had a temper tantrum and threw a bag of onions into the dining room because I was angry. Glad I can laugh about that now. And I’m glad that Geoff doesn’t remember it. :)

OldHouseMemories_0011 OldHouseMemories_0012

Holidays were always special times in our home. On Halloween we would walk the neighborhood trick or treating with our neighbors,The Bowens. When Boone and Mamie were three, we let them trash our dining room with sprinkles and icing decorating pumpkin cookies. And when Crew was a few months out from turning two, she toddled around our street dressed like Ace Ventura. We threw birthday parties. One of my favorite Crew memories ever is the look on her face on her first birthday when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. You could tell she felt special. One Valentine’s Day it snowed. Geoff suited up as Cupid and frolicked around out front delivering cotton candy to our neighbors.  At Christmastime, we’d look for the “Elf on the Shelf”, have Christmas Eve sleepovers on the living room floor, and Geoff would beg me just to buy “just one more” strand of lights for the front of the house.

OldHouseMemories_0013 OldHouseMemories_0014 OldHouseMemories_0015 OldHouseMemories_0016

We made about a thousand applesauce muffins in that kitchen together, chased fireflies in the front yard each June, and cared for our foster dog Mary Jane after she was hit by a car and was thought to never walk again. And right before we moved out, we found a nest of baby bunnies and checked on them religiously until they were old enough to go off on their own.

OldHouseMemories_0017 OldHouseMemories_0018

We our taught our kids how to brush their teeth on their own in that little hallway bathroom. We gave many, many baths, read bedtime stories and between babies and disabled dog, we changed countless diapers. We told Boone to “get back in your bed…NOW” more times than I care to mention. :)

OldHouseMemories_0019 OldHouseMemories_0020 OldHouseMemories_0021 OldHouseMemories_0022 OldHouseMemories_0023

Around our dining room table, Boone and Geoff built legos for hours. We had French Toast Fridays and Snoopy Pancake Waffle Saturdays there…bacon was always involved…and I set off the smoke alarm more times than I care to admit. We gave our 6 month olds their first tastes of solids, held a crying Boone after he fell backwards from his chair making a dent in the wall with his head and listened to some really sweet prayers.

OldHouseMemories_0024 OldHouseMemories_0025

I can remember crying (a lot) from the pain, frustration and exhaustion that came from struggling to feed Crew the first month of her life. I found out I was pregnant with and then soon miscarried a baby in between Crew and Grey. We held our dog, Frank, as he took his last breath. And we lost our dog, Jazzy, a year later. We had our share of hard, painful times in that house. Times that I wouldn’t wish to go through again, but that ultimately, made us stronger and brought us closer together.

OldHouseMemories_0026 OldHouseMemories_0027

And goodness, did we love our neighbors. Bill and Erin welcomed us on one of our first days there with some kind of sticky, cinnamon baked goodness and always looked out for us. I planted a grapevine in our backyard that was a gift from Nicole. There was the day that all of the traffic from Sharon Road got re-routed onto our street…all of us congregated out front flipping out together about the cars that were flying by and schemed for what we could do to fix the problem. I’ll miss Charlotte, the dog, roaming around and popping over to say hi. Some of our neighbors we met in interesting ways. We met our neighbor Chris when a 2 1/2 year old Boone got out of our house without us knowing and wandered down to his house. I felt like the worst mother alive, but was so comforted at his kindness and non-judgement. We met Dana after a stray dog we were trying to help got loose from us and bit her dog, London, in her front yard. As we rode together to the vet, we cried together and asked God to spare London’s life. Thankfully, he did and thankfully, Dana forgave and befriended us.


Packing up and moving out of the house we called home for almost four years has left me very emotional…some of the days leading up to leaving were especially hard. Thankfully, I’ve come around and most of those feelings are fading as we start this new chapter in our new home. I’m growing more and more excited each day that we are here. There are new memories to be made and many more milestones to be had. I can’t wait to see all that God has for us in this next season.

This past Friday we had Boone’s 6th birthday party at our new place. As he sat in front of his chocolate cupcake with a Star Wars candle and we all sang to him, I soaked in that look on his face and nearly cried. The first of many new memories in this new home to be filed away in my heart. I think this is going to be good. Really, really good.

Boone Turns Six

Our little sheep is 6…how did this happen so fast? We had the best day celebrating him yesterday…jumping through the streamers, balloons and presents, Snoopy Pancake Waffles for breakfast, snap-chatting, doing a Star Wars puzzle together, playing at Superior Play Systems, lunch at Amelies, dinner at Chopt (his choice!) and ice cream that ended in us singing him Happy Birthday. Goodness, I love him. I’m so glad he is mine.

Check out his birthday video below that recaps his 5th year of life. :) And if you’d like to see the first five, they can be found here:

Year One

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Year Five

Boones6Bday_0002 Boones6Bday_0003 Boones6Bday_0004


Claxton Farm Wedding – Maddy + Tyler

Maddy and Tyler were married in late June at Claxton Farm close to Asheville, NC. Y’all it was SUCH a pretty day and so full of joy. Here are a few of my favorite parts of the day:

+ Tyler had the best reaction when he saw Maddy in her wedding dress for the first time. He was so excited and we could tell he thought she looked beautiful.

+ Immediately following their first look, Maddy and Tyler chose to share the vows they had written for one another together there privately under the weeping willow tree. Love it. I also loved the look on Maddy’s face during the ceremony as she took in each of Tyler’s words to her.

+ I loved how Maddy personalized her and her bridesmaids bouquets. She chose describing word for each of them and had them inscribed on a ribbon to hang from their flowers. She also had each of them submit a word about her, to which she had ribbons made to attach to her own bouquet. So unique and so special.

+ Local llama celebrity “Chocolate Chip”. I (and everyone who has met him) just love this animal. As embarrassing is it was to admit, he actually bit my arm while I was trying to take a selfie with him. Totally worth it. :)

Congratulations, Maddy and Tyler. Photographing your wedding day and getting to know y’all through the process has been such a joy for us. We are so very happy for you guys and wish you such a happy and full life together. Love y’all!

Hair/makeup – Blush

Bride’s dress – designed by Tara Keely; purchased at J Majors

Veil – Tara Keely

Groom/groomsmen attire – Jos A Bank

Florals – Inspired Designs

Ceremony musicians – Crossroads String Band

Officiant – Howard Hanger

Transportation – Emma Bus Lines

Invitations – Three Little Birds

DJ – Sound Extreme Entertainment

Catering – M7 Events

Cake – Abigails: A Cake Affair

ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0002 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0003 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0005 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0006 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0007 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0008 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0009 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0010 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0011 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0012 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0013 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0014 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0016 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0017 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0018 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0019 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0020 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0021 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0022 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0023 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0024 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0025 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0027 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0028 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0029 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0030 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0031 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0032 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0033 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0034 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0035 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0036 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0037 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0038 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0039 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0040 ClaxtonFarmWedding_MaddyTyler_0041
Duke Mansion Wedding – Brie + Erik

What a treat to photograph the wedding of Brie and Erik at on our favorite Charlotte venues – The Duke Mansion. A few of our favorite parts of the day included:

+ It was by far one of the hottest days of the year, and yet, Brie and Erik were great sports. They never complained and even let us take them back out after they were introduced into their reception for a few more portraits in the setting sun.

+ Those flower girls…I mean….SO cute!

+ I loved the set up of their dinner – the market lights were just gorgeous.

+ The band was truly amazing. It was our first time working with them, and goodness, they didn’t disappoint. Everyone had a blast, which of course, made it a lot of fun for us to photograph.

Brie and Erik – we have so enjoyed getting to know you guys and working with you. We wish y’all the best of the best wishes!

Wedding Coordination – Social 10 Events

Hair/makeup – Sabrina of Be Pretty

Bride’s dress and veil – designed by and purchased at Pronovias

Groom’s attire – Rothman’s NY

Florals – Lily Greenthumbs

Ceremony musician – Christine Van Arsdale

Officiant – Rev. Rebecca Nagy

Transportation – Silverfox Limo

Invitations/Paper Goods – DIY

Band – The New Royals

Catering – Duke Mansion

Cake – Whole Foods

Video – JQB Media

Rentals – Party Reflections and Old South Vintage Rentals

DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0002 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0003 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0004 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0005 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0006 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0007 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0008 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0009 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0010 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0011 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0012 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0013 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0014 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0015 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0016 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0017 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0018 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0019 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0020 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0021 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0022 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0023 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0024 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0025 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0027 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0028 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0029 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0030 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0031 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0032 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0033 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0034 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0036 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0037 DukeMansionWedding_BrieErik_0038
August Goals | 2016

August 2nd and I am blogging my goals…not too shabby.

I’ll be honest…between Geoff’s ACL surgery and prepping our house to get on the market, July just about killed me. Instead of go into details about how hard it was, I’ll just say that I am beyond thankful that Geoff is healing well and the house went under contract after just about 10 days. Thank you, God. Here the quick run down of what I accomplished last month:

+ Had our 3rd quarter business planning meeting and team pedicures

+ Attended Staff Advance at our church (one of my most favorite days of the year!)

+ Photographed opening weekend of our Ballantyne location at our church

+ Took off to the mountains for a couple days of retreat with some of my photographer girlfriends

+ Made progress on Boone’s “before kindergarten” bucket list (saw fireworks, got King of Pops, went to Discovery Place Kids, Sky High Sports for the trampoline, Monkey Joes and saw Finding Dory

+ Photographed the newborn baby of my friends, The Hollingsworths, in the hospital

+ Started using our date night envelopes. Had a great date of dinner at Heist Brewery, a walk around NoDa with popsicles and a game of air hockey (I whopped him 7-2!)

+ Got Crew signed up and started on her first ever ballet class

+ Updated Grey’s baby book

August Goals:


1. Move. I am determined to make the move this month as stress-free as possible. We are packing up our house slowly, but surely.

2. Boone Turns Six. I can’t wait to celebrate this little sheep’s birthday. Guys, I’m going to have a SIX year old!

3. Intentional Family and Mama Days. I want to cry every time I think about the fact that these last few Wednesdays are my last few Mama Days with Boone before he starts kindergarten. It’s important to me that I am intentional with the time that I have left and want to make these last few days really special.

4. Date Night. Again, even with how crazy this month might turn out, we will make it a point to keep on with our date night envelopes.

5. Boone’s “Before Kindergarten” Bucketlist. We made it together last month, now it’s time to get going on it. A few things I am particularly looking forward to: Teaching Boone how to ride his bike with no training wheels, catching fireflies in the front yard (he always looks forward to this) and a water balloon fight.


1. Organize Files and Paperwork. I have roughly 3 big boxes of paperwork that I have collected and never sorted. I am determined not to move any of it until each piece is in it’s place.

2. Plan Website Launch Sequence. During our third quarter planning meeting, we made some big plans for how and when to complete the website. Folks, we have a launch date. The all new and improved brand will launch on Friday – October 7th at 10am EST! Yes, it seems like far off, but we’ve got a lot of work to do in between now and then, which includes a lot of fun things for launch month! Stay tuned.

3. Shoot a Little Bit of Film. That is happening this weekend at a big wedding we are shooting in Asheville at Biltmore Estate.

4. Create Collateral. We’ve got quite a few projects to complete for our collateral for the new brand. (Preview shown in the silk ribbons above!

It’s going to be a GREAT month!


Also, you’re going to want to tune in through Facebook Live next Monday – August 8th @ 8PM EST. Geoff and I will be going on there for a few minutes with a pretty big business announcement. AND, to make it extra fun, we will be giving away a $20 gift card to Duck Donuts for a live attendee. You should join us!