Mint Museum of Art Wedding – Allie + Byron

Allie and Byron were married on a sunny day in May at the gorgeous Mint Museum of Art here in Charlotte. We were so thankful to have the opportunity to work with and get to know this sweet couple, their friends and families. A few of my favorite moments of the day:

+ Allie was beaming after she put on her dress. Her bridesmaids had the sweetest and most fun reactions (see image below). There was just so much joy in her smile…it was contagious!

+ Allie wore her grandmother’s earrings and bracelet. I never tire of special touches like this.

+ Byron first saw Allie beneath the trees alongside of the museum…it was so fun to see his reaction.

+ Their first dance was to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”…perfect.

Congratulations, Allie and Byron! So many happy wishes for you guys in your new life together!

Hair/makeup – Who’s The Fairest

Bride’s dress – designed by Watters WToo; purchased at Mecklenburg Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses – designed by Watters WToo

Groom/groomsmen attire – Shirts purchased at Vineyard Vines, Calvin Klein tuxedo purchased at Men’s Wearhouse, and ties purchased at Tie Bar

Florals – The Bloom Room

Transportation – Silver Fox

Invitations – Minted

Paper goods – Programs from Vista Print, Cocktail napkins from For Your Party

DJ – Jonny with Split Second Sound

Catering – Roots Farm Food

Cake – Publix

Rentals – Party Reflections

MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0002 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0003 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0004 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0005 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0006 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0007 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0008 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0009 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0010 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0011 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0012 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0013 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0014 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0015 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0016 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0018 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0019 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0020 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0021 MintMuseumofArtWedding_AllieByron0022
For Geoff on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Geoff.

These past almost six years watching you be daddy to our children has been one of my greatest joys in life. Our babies love you so much…no doubt that comes from the love that you show them daily…as evidenced by these images.

Thank you for being the father that you are to them and for caring for our family the way you do. You are so very loved.


GeoffFathersDay0002 GeoffFathersDay0003 GeoffFathersDay0004 GeoffFathersDay0005 GeoffFathersDay0006 GeoffFathersDay0007 GeoffFathersDay0008 GeoffFathersDay0009 GeoffFathersDay0010 GeoffFathersDay0011 GeoffFathersDay0012 GeoffFathersDay0013 GeoffFathersDay0014 GeoffFathersDay0015 GeoffFathersDay0016 GeoffFathersDay0017 GeoffFathersDay0018 GeoffFathersDay0019 GeoffFathersDay0020
Meet Erika


It is my great pleasure to finally introduce our Studio Manager to you…Erika! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have her on board and in the studio with me…she has been SUCH a help. She works hard, is thoughtful, creative, passion-filled and smart. I can already say that this business (and my life!) is better because of her.

I asked her a few questions so you could have a peek into her life and get to know her a little.


+ Where are you from?

A small farm in southern Maryland.


+ What are you passionate about?

Traveling, spending time outside, making art, and the Deaf community.


+ Hobbies?

Hiking, camping, painting, reading, and of course photography.


+ If you had a full day to yourself, what would you do?

Hike and explore all day with my camera, grab a latte, and paint late into the night.


+ Three things you are loving right now?

Working as The Schultzes studio assistant! Watermelon, hello summer! Cool breezes.


+ One state you want to visit in the next five years?



+ Best book you have ever read?

Little Princes by Conor Grennan. O wait, and The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson. I can’t pick!


+ What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

Jake, my husband, said some sweet words to my mom that made her cry. She never cries. Oh and at the end of the wedding when we left we had our guests throw birdseed. At the end of the line was one of the small children who when attempting to throw the bird seed in the air, ended up throwing it directly into my face. I was spitting out so much birdseed at the end of the line and my dress was also full of seeds, it was hilarious.


+ Vanilla or chocolate?

Always chocolate.


+ Beach or mountains?



+ Morning person or night owl?

Night Owl.


+ Favorite season?



+ Favorite city to visit?

Austin, TX.


+ Favorite show on Netflix?

New Girl.


+ Favorite treat?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies.


+ Favorite food?

French fries.


+ Favorite drink?

Fresh squeezed lemonade.


+ Coffee or tea?



+ Favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

So far, Futo Buta, they serve a mean bowl of ramen.


+ Favorite place to get coffee in Charlotte?

My house! My husband makes the best lattes with our favorite espresso from a roaster in MD.


+ Favorite place to get a treat in Charlotte?

Elizabeth’s Creamery, but I still need to try Duck Donuts.


+ If you were given $100 and you had to give it away to someone, who would you give it to?

I’ve always wanted to bless a waiter by leaving a huge tip.


+ If you were given $100 and you had to spend it on yourself, how would you spend it?

New camera gear of course!


+ What are you most looking forward to for the remainder of 2016?

Every Tuesday and Thursday in the studio learning everything I can! Exploring more of Charlotte, and a few trips with my husband to Savannah, Asheville, and back home.


+ What are you grateful for?

That’s a long list! The joy of being excited to wake up and go to work in the morning. My husband’s lattes. My totally crazy family. The space to be creative. Facetime, to stay in touch with my friends and family all over the country. And my mom who created wanderlust in me.


You can follow her on Instagram HERE!


We are so grateful to the following blogs and magazine for publishing our work!

Lace and Loyalty featured Erin and Brandon’s 10 year anniversary session, which can be found HERE.


The Knot Magazine published Evelyn and Tom’s wedding in their Fall/Winter 2016 issue.


Lace and Loyalty featured Jenn and Brad’s vow renewal ceremony, which can be found HERE.

June Goals | 2016

The above image is a telling picture of what life currently looks like. Sweet baby feet and what feels like never-ending laundry. Ha!

I didn’t blog about my May goals, but I did have them! Here is what I accomplished last month:

+ Train our new studio manager

+ Have headshots taken for the new website (thank you, Allison and Kymm!)

+ Attend my first Tuesday’s Together

+ Catch up on editing

+ Take the kids on a hike and picnic at Anne Springs Close Greenway

+ Make a “before kindergarten” summer buckletlist with Boone

+ French Toast Friday w/ The Whitlows

+ Attend a Knights Game w/ our Elevation Uptown campus staff

+ Get our townhome fixed up and rented

June Goals:


1. Individual Kid Dates. At the beginning of the year, Geoff and I determined we wanted to schedule some one on one time with each of the kids. This month, I’ll get to take Boone on a date and Geoff will take Crew.

2. Celebrate. It’s a big celebration month for us…Geoff’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and father’s day.

3. French Toast Friday. Need to pick a date and a set of friends to invite over for what I think might be the world’s best french toast.

4. Beach Trip. Enough said.

5. Boone’s “Before Kindergarten” Bucketlist. We made it together last month, now it’s time to get going on it. A few things I am particularly looking forward to: Teaching Boone how to ride his bike with no training wheels, catching fireflies in the front yard (he always looks forward to this) and a water balloon fight.


1. Continue Training Studio Manager. Our main focus is editing training. I’m confident that by month’s end, Erika will be able to tackle the majority of the editing on her own.

2. Complete Website. It’s so hard to put this one up here. To be very honest, I’ve felt very defeated and even a little embarrassed with the delay in completion of this goal. So much that I almost wanted to not include it here because I have put it on my goals listing for many, many months….and it just hasn’t gotten done yet. More than anything, I need to cut myself some slack. Yes, I desperately want to get it up for many reasons, but I know I just need to chill out a bit. It will get done. The good thing is, I’ve made some major progress building out a master “to-do” listing and project calendar. Erika has promised to keep me on track. :)

3. New Albums. We are pretty close to making a decision on which company we’ll partner with. From there, we’ll make a couple of new sample albums.

4. PowersheetsI’ve kind of slacked off on utilizing these, but am re-motivated to pick them back up again for the second half of the year. So much that I ordered a set for Erika as well. They are currently 40% off if you use the code SUMMERGOALS. Go on and get yourself a set! We’ll be spending some time on these toward the end of the month to form our third quarter goals. Really looking forward to it.